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Le Caméléon - A New Experience in Decorative Art
Imagine a mural you can almost step into...
An ever changing panorama in three dimensions...
A fantastic realization of the place, vision, or story that moves or reflects you...

"Le Caméléon" is a multi-dimensional artwork with synchronized light and sound to magify the impact. The ambiance envelopes the viewer. In the foreground, lucite trees stand in various Le Caméléon Example levels of dimension. In the background, scenery is painted on a curving canvas which continues into the base.

"Le Caméléon" can be tailored to reflect any theme, design, setting or size. It is a combination of media. Each piece will be totally self contained. All will feature a programmable compact disc player (to set the mood) and a light controller with memory cues to express the passage of time or to reveal the progression of a story line. The glow of the pinpoint lights heighten the ambience by highlighting textures, details and subjects.

A stand of trees, in full color, will change in a moment to become a dark silhoutte against a brilliant sunset. A castle on a mountaintop glistening in the light of the dawn - will soon be shrouded in misty evening twilight. Various colored lights gently flow from one object to another creating fascinating illusions of magic and mystery.

Island Serenade 8'x12'The Sylvan Domaine of Merlin 10'x10'
Island Serenade The lighting program for "Island Serenade" evokes startling sunsets and misty morning sunrises, while the sound of music, tumbling waves and the cries of gulls complete the vision. The ruins remind one of the glory of a past age; yet paradise remains to enchant the viewer. The Sylvan Domaine of Merlin "Le Caméléon" made its debut as "The Sylvan Domaine of Merlin", depicting the never-ending lure of romance and bravery as told in the tale of "The Knights of the Round Table".
Courtyard at Vieux Carré
Courtyard at Vieux Carré 10'x12'
The handsomely intricate pattern of iron gates entices the viewer to look beyond into the hidden enchantments of "Courtyard at Vieux Carré". Haunting music emanates from a hidden source. Undulating lights dance upon luminescent flowers and trees; seemingly bathed in the dew of a passing shower. The viewer finds himself - for a brief moment in time - lost in the sultry splendor of New Orleans.

Careful planning and attention to the most minute detail of theme design, the execution of fine art and the construction and lighting of a "Le Caméléon" is meticulously carried out in the studios of Jordan Mural Design, Inc..

The photograph shows Philip Jordan presenting an exact miniature replica of "The Gardens of Sussex" to Arther Natter, CEO of Natter Enterprises, Inc. All "Le Caméléon" commissions are first rendered in miniature and shown to the prospective client for approval. When the design is established, it is constructed by the finest of craftsmen and hand-painted.

"Le Caméléon" is easily disassembled. Its multiple sections are removable from its base, which allows for safe transportation to your establishment. Upon arrival, one of our experienced technicians will oversee its assembly and instruct your personnel with regard to the operational details.

"Le Caméléon's" innovative design transcends the theatrical, transforming spces into evocative surroundings of magnificent beauty. It draws from sources of bnatural environment, ancient architecture, distant lands, crashing oceans and many other themes unlimited by the imagination of its creators and the desires of their clients. The hand-painted surfaces of "Le Caméléon" seem to have mystically infused themselves with the magic of light and sound, which will enhance the ambiance of your space and afford years of enjoyment and beauty....

We would consider it a privilege to create a special "Le Caméléon" for you.